WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard

By administrator | October 6, 2020 | Finance.
WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard
Illustration: WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard

WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard. Wahana Ottomitra Multiartha Tbk (WOMF) seeks to facilitate access to consumer services. By reopening service offices. That were temporarily close due to the Covid-19 pandemic and ease of digital payments. This step is expect to facilitate consumers in making transactions.

To carry out one of its strategies in the fourth quarter of 2020. WOM Finance reopen its service offices in early October 2020. In several potential areas. WOM Finance President Director Djaja Suryanto Sutandar said positive developments from the handling of the pandemic. Had been seen so that WOM Finance ran its business in stages.

According to Djaja, as many as 15 service offices are ready to be reopen. Of course by implementing the health protocol instruct by the government. These service offices are locate in several areas such as Pamulang, Rajeg, Cisauk, Tambun, Gunung Putri, Krian, Waru, Rungkut, Kertosono.

As well as Batu Aji, Tembung, Gowa, Maros, Gombong and Banjarnegara, as well as several other areas. The service office, he continue, was back in operation because the area still had great potential. Seeing conditions like this, he add, management carry out an analysis of the impact and potential of the area carefully.

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard Transactions

WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard
Illustration: WOMF Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard

In order to re-operate the service office, it can have a significant impact on the Company’s performance this year, he said. Before opening office operations, WOM Finance has prepare health protocols and implement physical distancing for employees and consumers who come to make transactions.

The health protocols implement include the use of masks, gloves and face shields by front liners. Then, checking the body temperature of consumers and employees, placing hand sanitizers, creating distance between consumers and installing acrylic insulation on the teller and customer service desks.

In addition to, the operation of all service offices has implement strict protocols so that consumers feel safe and comfortable making transactions, said Djaja. Still in the face of the covid-19 pandemic conditions, WOM Finance strives to make it easier for all consumers to pay installments.

Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard Access

WOM Finance in collaboration with the parent company PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk provides access to installment payments via QRIS (Quick Response Code Indonesian Standard). Meanwhile, in mid-October 2020, payments via QRIS will apply nationally in all branch offices. The use of QR codes in payments.

Its really helps consumers make payments quickly, efficiently and in real time. Acceptance of digital payments and through this marketplace platform is our optimal step in increasing easy access to payment systems for consumers. We hope that the ease of digital transactions can be utilized optimally by loyal WOM Finance customers, Djaja concluded.

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