Waskita Karya Reassessment Plans of Bonds Issuance

By administrator | July 6, 2018 | Infrastructure Transportation.
Waskita Karya Reassessment

Illustration: Waskita Karya Reassessment

The effect of the weakening of the rupiah continues to make Waskita Karya, Tbk (WSKT IJ) reassessment plan bond issuance worth IDR3.5Trn. Now, the debt will rise in 3Q18 to cover short-term debts that will soon be due. In the financial report 1Q18, recorded total short-term debt reached IDR51.2Trn. Short term debt reached IDR18.07Trn. Debt non-bank financial institutions IDR1.53Trn. While the bank’s long term debt that matures within a year was IDR4.04Bn.

Shelf Registration II WOM Finance Tranche II Year 2017

Waskita Reduce Bond Issuance to IDR500Bn

Bank Mandiri Issue IDR3.5Trn Bonds

Aneka Tambang Required Fund of IDR2.8Trn for Capital Expenditure

Strong Demand Seen on Indonesia New Benchmark Candidates

FR0061 and FR0059 Likely to be Indonesia New Benchmark 2017

Although market conditions are not conducive, company still benefiting the debt in rupiah. So, the weakening of the rupiah that is happening there is not getting cash erode state-owned enterprises. To keep its financial condition, company also do contract in the purchase of some of the main construction material of the project. That way, the price is set according to agreement when bound supplier contracts.

Waskita Plans to Issue IDR1Trn Bond in 3Q14

Waskita is Seeking IDR3.8Trn of External Funds

Until July 2018, Pembangunan Perumahan new Contract Reach IDR27.19Trn

Wika Beton Booked IDR3.06Trn New Contracts in 1H18

Four Government mission to Indonesia at a meeting of the IMF-World Bank

Delete the Export Levy of CPO for the Rupiah Strengthening

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