Verena Multi Finance Bond Issuance 2014

By administrator | February 6, 2014 | Finance.
Verena Multi Finance Bond Issuance

Illustration: Verena Multi Finance Bond Issuance

Verena Multi Finance Bond Issuance 2014. Verena Multi Finance, Tbk (previously Verena Oto Finance, Tbk) was established with the name of PT Maxima Perdana Finance on July 21, 1993. The Company obtained a license to operate as financing company from the Minister of Finance of Republic of Indonesia based on its Decision Letter No.994/KMK.017/1993 dated December 30, 1993, with license in leasing, factoring, credit cards, and consumer financing.

In fact, the Company operates the primary business field in consumer financing. Verena Multi Finance 23 branches located in the city of Banda Aceh, Bandung, Banjarmasin, Bogor, Cikarang, Jakarta, Makasar, Malang, Medan, Palembang, Pekanbaru, Rantau Prapat, Samarinda, Semarang, Serang, Surabaya and Tangerang. The Company’s head office is located at Panin Bank Building, 3rd Floor, Jalan Pecenongan No.84, Jakarta.

Furthermore, based on the Company’s financial report as of 30 September 2013. The structure of shareholders of Verena Multi Finance is own by Bank Pan Indonesia, Tbk of 429.529.600 (four hundred and twenty nine million five hundred twenty nine thousand six hundred) shares. Equivalent with 42,87% (fourty two point eighty seven percent).

PT Verena Kapital of 243.965.040 (two hundred and forty three million nine hundred sixty five thousand forty) shares or 24,35% (twenty four point thirty five percent). Murniaty Santoso of 97.586.016 (ninety seven million five hundred eighty six thousand sixteen) shares or 9,74% (nine point seventy four percent) Publics (each below 5%) of 230.919.696 (two hundred and thirty million nine hundred ninety thousand six hundred and ninety six) shares or 23,05% (twenty three point five percent).

Verena Multi Finance Bond Issuance Plan

Moreover, these bond issuance plan are Bonds Program I Phase III Year 2014. Offering as much as 2 series the 370-days and the 3-years of maturity. Rating agency PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo) set rating at level idA (single A) with stable outlook for these bonds. These bond issuance plan is part of Bonds Program I Verena Multi Finance totaling IDR 1 trillion.

Previously, the Company has issued bonds in year 2013 and 2012. Bonds Program I Phase II 2013 worth IDR (one hundred and fifty three billion rupiah). These bonds issued as much as 2 series, the A 3-years bond series with coupon rate at level 11,84% (eleven point eighty four percent) per annum. Worth IDR (one hundred and thirteen billion rupiah). The B 4-years bond series with coupon rate at level 12,15% (twelve point fifteen percent) per annum. Worth IDR (forty billion rupiah).

Finally, Bonds Program Verena Multi Finance I Phase I Year 2012 worth IDR 300.000.000.000 (three hundred billion rupiah). These bonds offered as much as 3 series: the A 370-days series with coupon rate 7,25% (seven point twenty five percent) per year. Worth IDR (fifty billion rupiah). The B 36-months series with coupon rate 9,00% (nine percent) per year. Worth IDR (two hundred and twenty seven billion rupiah). Last, the C 48-months series with coupon rate 9,05% (nine point five percent) per year. Worth IDR (twenty three billion rupiah).

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