Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island

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Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island
Illustration: Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island

Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island. The marine reclamation carried out by PT Timah Tbk in nine locations on Bangka Island. Continues to show progress. The commitment to carry out marine reclamation with coral transplants. And fish shelters provides benefits to the environment. As well as surrounding communities, especially traditional fishermen.

Marine reclamation in the form of coral transplants was carry out in Putri Island. Matras Waters, Rebo Beach, Panjang Island and Tanjung Melala. Meanwhile, fish shelters are distribute in Penyusuk area, Matras Beach, Rebo area. Panjang Island, Tanjung Kubu, Player Island, Karang Aji and Tanjung Ular Waters.

Lecturer in Marine Science at Bangka Belitung University, Indra Ambalika, said that the spread of artificial reefs in the form of coral transplants and fish shelters is one of the efforts to maintain marine ecosystems. Marine reclamation is carrying out repair activities according to its designation.

Maintaining the carrying capacity of the environment, not regulating the environment but adjusting, for example, the method used must be in accordance with environmental trends, said Indra. According to him, in carrying out marine reclamation PT Timah continues to improve and get better.

Marine Reclamation Maintenance

Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island
Illustration: Timah Marine Reclamation in Bangka Island

This should be appreciate, because TINS ​​is commit to marine reclamation by conducting periodic monitoring and maintenance. Every year it gets better, already seeing the trend of sea conditions. For example, if in the past we use wire for the fish shelter, now we use bone metal to prevent it from being porous.

Improvements continue to be made, he explain. Although not all of them have been successful, according to him, PT Timah is commit to maintenance, embroidery, and replacement of damage media. Now, once the reclamation is carry out periodically, it is necessary to directly maintain both embroidery and maintenance.

This shows that PT Timah continues to improve its reclamation pattern. Indra explain that the success rate of PT Timah’s marine reclamation can be seen from several indicators. First, for coral transplantation, the survival rate is above 50% according to ideal indicators. Although not all of them are successful, using the right method gives maximum results.

Second, in terms of coral growth, the coral samples plant by PT Timah show good growth with a range of 3-5 cm per meter or even more, such as in Pulau Putri where it was more than 6 cm per semester. Ideally in one year it should grow to 10 cm. Furthermore, he explain that from the point of view of natural coral attachment.

Marine Reclamation Results

It also show quite good results, because there were many natural hard corals attach to the plant module. In other places it is standard, if on the long island there are lots of algae attach, he explain. As for the fish shelter, explain Indra, the level of success was also seen from the fish that gather at the location.

Currently, several fish shelter sinking locations have become fishing grounds for fishermen. There are many fish abundance, each location is different. The hope is that this fish shelter will become a fish house that fishermen can use later. Furthermore, he explain, there was also a level of diversity of species.

More and more, such as squid, cuttlefish, shrimp, crab and various other types of fish. Likewise with natural recruitment, fish shelter has been plaster with squid eggs, meaning that the fish shelter has become a new habitat, he said. Indra appreciate PT Timah for consistently carrying out marine reclamation.

Marine Reclamation Commitment

Not only in PT Timah’s IUP but also in other areas. PT Timah remains steadfast even though the price of tin has fallen, sometimes the community also contradicts PT Timah’s own activities, but PT Timah continues to carry out reclamation, the reclamation is also consistent. We need to appreciate this commitment, he said.

PT Timah continues to be commit to carrying out marine reclamation, this year PT Timah has sunk 995 artificial reef units and this has been done 100%. Qualitatively, most of the artificial reefs that were drown were successful because many fish had already been visit. Maintenance of marine reclamation.

In accordance with the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources 1827 concerning the implementation of marine reclamation activities, PT Timah is commit to maintaining the condition of the aquatic ecosystem through biodiversity enhancement programs to maintain the balance of the ecosystem as a result of mining activities.

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