Solusi Tunas Pratama Bond Issuance

By administrator | July 21, 2020 | Infrastructure Transportation.
Solusi Tunas Pratama Bond Issuance
Illustration: Solusi Tunas Pratama Bond Issuance

Solusi Tunas Pratama Bond Issuance. The telecommunications tower provider, Solusi Tunas Pratama Tbk (SUPR IJ). Is design a bond issuance in rupiah and US dollar denominations. As well as to increase the company’s liquidity. Through information disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) website Monday. Solusi Tunas Pratama submit a plan to issue bonds in two options.

First, denominate in US dollars worth USD 400 million or equivalent to IDR 5.56 trillion. Second, with IDR 8 trillion. Solusi Tunas Pratama indicate that the bonds will have a tenor of 7-years from the time of issuance or other terms agree upon by the parties.

The maximum transaction plan interest rate is 8%. SUPR explain that the transaction was carry out as an effort to increase the company’s liquidity. To support operational needs, asset growth, and company funding in general. The strategy also includes efficiency by issuing bond issuance by the company or its subsidiaries with better conditions.

As well as requirements, and time periods so that it is expect to be able to optimally increase profit growth and company value. The proceeds of the bond issuance after deducting the costs incur will be use for needs, including increasing the company’s working capital and or supporting the company’s funding needs in general.

Bond Issuance Alternative Funding

The bond issuance is mainly intend for the company to obtain low-cost alternative funding. With a flexible funding structure compare to the current funding, writes SUPR Management. Solusi Tunas Pratama sees that current market conditions are very supportive for bond issues. Thus, it is expect to be a good momentum for increasingly efficient funding.

If the bond issuance is unsuccessful. As well as the company will continue to use the existing funding. Namely funding from banks and/ or operational results as has been done so far, added SUPR Management. For the corporate action plan, SUPR will seek approval from shareholders at an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders which will take place on July 22, 2020. The bond listing is planned to be carried out on the Indonesia Stock Exchange.

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