SBR003 Early Redemption

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SBR003 Early Redemption

Illustration: SBR003 Early Redemption

SBR003 Early Redemption. As well as, starting Monday (6/5) to Tuesday (14/5) next week investors Savings Bond Retail Series 3 (SBR003). Furthermore, they can execute the facilities of payment due date or early redemption. Moreover, based on the description of the Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) Ministry of Finance, settlement early redemption SBR003 done on May 20, 2019.

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The maximum value which file by investors for early redemption is 50%, of each SBR003 purchase transaction. Meanwhile, the value of the minimum early redemption the investor can be file is one unit or valued at IDR1Mn. SBR003 investors who can use the facilities early redemption at a minimum must have ownership of a unit or two worth IDR2Mn for each purchase transaction has been done.

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Filing early redemption is through an electronic system that is in place the owner SBR003 distribution partner Booking. Then, investors filed for early redemption by entering the nominal through electronic systems on distribution partners. The value of filing early redemption of the investors will then be forward in real time. Followed, to the electronic systems belong to the Ministry of finance for the purposes of validation.

SBR003 Early Redemption and Settlement

On settlement, the investor will receive a SBR003 staple SBR appropriate nominal filed at the time period of the early redemption, along with coupons for a month are due on May 20, 2019. If the payment of the principal, and coupon SBR003 to coincide with the day on which the payment system operations are not conduct by Bank Indonesia. The payout made on the next working day without compensation.

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Finally, in terms of electronic systems on distribution partner. No longer available which result in the owner of the SBR003 can’t do filing early redemption. The Government authorities divert facilities early redemption to another distribution partner or get other policies to be determine later.

Last, SBR003 distribution partners consists of Bank Central Asia, Tbk (BBCA IJ), Bank Mandiri (Persero), Tbk (BMRI IJ), Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BBNI IJ), Bank Permata, Tbk (BNLI IJ), Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BBRI IJ), Trimegah Sekuritas Indonesia, Tbk (TRIM IJ), Bareksa Portal Investasi, Star Mercato Capitale, and Investree Radhika Jaya.

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