Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan

By administrator | September 14, 2020 | Finance.
Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan
Illustration: Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan

Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan. Sarana Multigriya Finansial (Persero) or SMF. Distribute Sharia Home Ownership Credit (KPR) or KPR iB. As well as worth IDR 500 billion through a replacement financing scheme. Using the Mudharabah Muqayyadah contract with PT Bank DKI. This is a synergy.

Moreover, between SMF and Bank DKI in encouraging the acceleration of the National Economic Recovery (PEN). Especially in the housing sector, as well as expanding access. The signing of the agreement was carry out by President Director of SMF Ananta Wiyogo. And Director of Bank DKI Babay Parid Wazdi on Thursday (10/9).

Furthermore, Ananta said that refinancing was a form of SMF support in encouraging the PEN program. And increasing the liquidity of mortgage lending banks. Particularly Regional Development Banks (BPD). We hope this can spur BPD to maximize its ability to encourage credit growth. Amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, said Ananta.

As is known, the housing sector has more than 170 derivative industries. So that they can help promote national economic recovery. He hopes that other BPDs. It will collaborate to move the housing sector during the pandemic. The plan is for this collaboration to continue through the synergy. Of implementing the Electronic Mortgage Management System (EMMS).

Mortgage Loan Effectiveness

Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan
Illustration: Sarana Multigriya Finansial Sharia Mortgage Loan

In addition to encourage the effectiveness of Bank DKI in initiating KPR iB origins and the Capacity Building program to support increase personnel capacity in the distribution of iB KPRs. With this Rp. 500 billion distribution, the total loan disbursement that has been channel by SMF through the Sharia agreement.

As well as to KPR channeling banks since January 2020 has reach Rp. 3.95 trillion. Director of UMK Credit and Sharia Business of Bank DKI, Babay Parid Wazdi said that this financing is a form of synergy between BUMN and BUMD. This financing model can be apply by SMF with other Regional Development Banks in each region, he conclude.

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