Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans

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Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans
Illustration: Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans

Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil sign the 2020 Regional Loan Agreement between the West Java Provincial Government and PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) via videoconference from the Pakuan Building, Bandung City, Thursday (24/9/2020).

Moreover, receipt of financing through the Regional National Economic Recovery Loan (PEN) aims to encourage economic development. Particularly in relation to government capital expenditures. Which were also affect by the global Covid-19 pandemic. The loan fund worth Rp. 1,812 trillion will be allocate to finance strategic projects.

That are public services to improve the economic welfare of the community with the priority of creating jobs and absorbing labor. Using local raw materials. And having social and economic benefits for the community. Kang Emil, Ridwan Kamil’s nickname. He said that this regional loan will also return the costs of strategic programs.

It have been refocuse due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both programs in the province and 27 districts / cities throughout West Java. This is an innovation in development financing from the central government through regional loans which is of course very much need to restore the National Economic Recovery in West Java.

Regional Loans Increase Government Spending

Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans
Illustration: Sarana Multi Infrastruktur Regional Loans

Hopefully this regional loan can be maximize in the remaining 3 months (in 2020) in useful ways, he said. In addition, Kang Emil said that regional loans could increase government spending amid sluggish exports and people’s purchasing power. This regional loan is also useful in restoring government spending.

As well as government spending will be the only fire that can keep the economy of West Java alive, he hope. As for the details, the 2020 Regional Loan between the Regional Government of West Java Province. And PT Sarana Multi Infrastruktur (Persero) with a value of IDR 1,812 trillion will be use to finance seven types of infrastructure activities.

Namely: (1) Road infrastructure with a value of IDR 463,558 billion. (2) Irrigation infrastructure Rp. 27.96 billion. (3) Housing infrastructure Rp. 200.55 billion. (4) Urban public open space infrastructure Rp. 63,692 billion. (5) Urban public building infrastructure Rp. 25.598 billion.

(6) Tourism social infrastructure Rp. 15 billion. (7) Social health infrastructure Rp. 1.016 trillion. Kang Emil also emphasize that his party would monitor project work in the field. So that this regional loan could really be felt by the people of West Java by providing more jobs. Therefore, I entrust monitoring by the Head of Bappeda and the Regional Secretary.

Regional Loans Beneficial

So that this regional economic recovery loan is beneficial for West Java residents. Who are directly involve in infrastructure projects in the field, said Kang Emil. Director General of Regional Finance Development of the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Mochamad Ardian Noervianto.

He praise the West Java Governor’s policy of extending regional loans to districts / cities. Regional loans are usually only for the benefit of the regional government itself, in contrast to what is currently being done in West Java. The governor with his policy, continue financial assistance.

We hope that this policy can be optimize in the development and goodness of the economy in West Java Province and districts / cities in West Java, said Ardian. He add that his party would also encourage the West Java Provincial Government and district / city governments in West Java to optimize bank bjb.

As a banking partner to build regional synergies in their respective governments. Hopefully all of our efforts in encouraging regional economic recovery can also increase regional economic income, said Ardian. IDR 50 billion for Cisumdawu. In this agenda. A working capital loan agreement was also sign.

Regional Loans for Working Capital

Between the BUMD PT Jasa Sarana and bank bjb worth Rp 50 billion for working capital. The working capital loan will be use for the construction of infrastructure projects carry out by PT Jasa Sarana. Including the Cisumdawu (Cileunyi-Sumedang-Dawuan) toll road. President Director of bank bjb Yuddy Renaldi.

He said this financing is part of the Regional Infrastructure bjb program (INDAH) which aims to encourage infrastructure development in West Java. Bank bjb is always ready to partner with various parties by acting as a lead or arranger in encouraging regional development. We have a role as a development agent.

That is always implement with real support. Especially financial support to simplify the infrastructure financing process which will have a wider economic and social impact, said Yuddy. This infrastructure financing, continue Yuddy. Is expect to bring about a multiplier effect that encourages stretching economic activity.

So that the process of utilizing funds for infrastructure development is expect to create wider employment opportunities and can absorb domestic products. The economic impact can also be felt through the benefits of infrastructure development which aims to connect economic areas ranging from tourism areas to industry to production centers.

Regional Loans Existence

The existence of infrastructure will facilitate the distribution flow of goods, services. And support human mobility so as to reduce commodity costs and travel costs. In turn, access to various supporting needs will be more affordable for the community, said Yuddy. President Director of PT Jasa Sarana Hanif Mantiq said PT Jasa Sarana.

It would optimize infrastructure financing funds as a contribution to the National Economic Recovery (PEN) program after binding cooperation with bank bJb regarding infrastructure financing. Hanif said that through this financial support. He would optimize the process of economic recovery in West Java during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The era of the COVID-19 pandemic demands that the Company be able to manage development solutions and alternatives that focus on programs to accelerate economic recovery appropriately and evenly in West Java Province. Especially in infrastructure development, said Hanif. In the future, Jasa Sarana will increase synergy with its strategic partners.

Especially BUMD and BUMN, to actively develop priority projects in West Java Province. PT bank BJB is the largest banking financing partner for PT Jasa Sarana Group. So that this collaboration is the right form for the Company’s acceleration so that it can grow together and develop business value appropriately.

Regional Loans and Good Corporate Governance

PT Jasa Sarana always prioritizes the principles of prudence and good corporate governance in running its business, he said. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil said the cooperation between Jasa Sarana and BJB was a moment of economic revival in West Java. According to him, central government support related to economic recovery.

It was realized through innovative development financing through PEN funds. Today we also witness a form of synergy among West Java BUMDs. In our era, West Java BUMD can rise, its backbone is in the form of financing support from BJB, said Ridwan Kamil. According to him, the PEN funds that the central government.

Which has rolled out through regional loans to the West Java Provincial Government and the BJB are at least obliged to achieve three important things that benefit the citizens of West Java. First, loans that can provide benefits in the form of employment, social and economic benefits, recovery of government spending, become fires that can keep the economy of West Java at bay, he said.

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