PBS014 Weighted Average Yield Reached 7.28%

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Indonesia bond analysisAccording to Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) Ministry of Finance, of the six series of Sharia Government Bond (SBSN) or sukuk are auctioned yesterday, series PBS014 obtain the highest incoming supply i.e. IDR13,91Trn and nominal won of IDR4.8Trn. The series is due on May 15, 2019 has a weighted average yield won of 7.28%. Senior VP & Head of Invesment Recapital Asset Management, Rio Ariyansyah, short-tenor became the target of investors because the yield on offer compared to the preceding auction period ride so yields will also rise.

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In addition to that seen from the rate of return of capital more quickly make the customer will be more secure and comfortable collecting short term SBSN or sukuk, such as PBS014. While for the long term is less attractive because the market is still worrying about the economic stability. He added this time is indeed the right time for collection of the debt. The direction of the dovish stance of the Fed making BI 7-DRR will likely remain at a level of 6%.

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Thus, the influence of the negotiations of the Fed which will take place on Thursday (21/03) still positively impact projected for SBSN or sukuk auction today. Next month’s Indonesia have entered Democratic Party. Rio said, usually after a presidential election will be a little distracted and inflation make the BI rate changed to compensate. At an auction of sukuk this time there are six series offered. In contrast to previous auctions, the Government currently absorbs all series of the short, medium, and long tenor.

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“The long-term was won because the slots for short-term sukuk (PBS014)  issuance is full,”Rio added. He asserted the long tenor has the risk of price volatility is larger than the tenor. The origin of the idea, the Government has been carrying out State auction on trading on Tuesday (19/3). Based on DJPPR data release, the Government managed to absorb the funds of IDR8.98Trn of the total offer IDR29.69Trn.

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