Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect

By administrator | September 23, 2020 | Finance.
Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect
Illustration: Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect

Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect. The Covid-19 pandemic has not only put pressure on multi-finance businesses working on auto financing. The health crisis followed by a weakening economy also made multi-finance home financing decline. According OJK 2B IKNB Supervision Department Head. Bambang W. Budiawan.

With current conditions, let alone home financing, the motor vehicle segment alone has experienced negative growth compared to June, September, and December 2019. The prospect of multi-finance home financing is still difficult. Next year the economic reversal is expected to recover. Until now, there are no more than 10 multi-finance actors working on housing finance, said Bambang.

He said it was difficult to determine the amount of home financing. Because this financing is often included in the multipurpose financing sector. As well as OJK recorded. A multipurpose financing until July 2020 valued at IDR 239.71 trillion. Moreover, this value decreased 11.11% year on year (yoy).

Compared to July 2019 amounting to Rp 239.71 trillion. Last, Chandra Utama Sakti Leasing Finance or CSUL Finance we no longer distribute home financing to customers. President Director of CSUL Finance Suwandi Wiratno admitted. That he had worked on home financing. Has not provided housing finance for a long time.

Mortgage Loan Long Tenor

Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect
Illustration: Multifinance Mortgage Loan Prospect

In addition to, at that time we entered the property only for group employees, said Suwandi. He stated that home financing usually has a long tenor of over five years. This is more suitable for banking. Because banks can raise public funds and have long-term sources of funding. Multifinance funding can usually be from banks.

It is mostly a maximum of three years, nothing is up to 10 years. Meanwhile, long-term home financing, explained Suwandi, who also doubles as Chairman of the Indonesian Finance Companies Association (APPI). However, PT BNI Multifinance intends to work on home financing. President Director of BNI Multifinance Hasan Gazali Pulungan.

He stated that there is a market gap that provides benefits for all parties, both companies, developers and consumers. The prospect is still bright enough, even if we are consumers, it’s time to buy. Buy a good location, affordable prices. How to sell is made, not one by one, but by the community.

For example, with the Covid-19 outbreak, it is in the company’s interest to save its employees by not taking public transportation (at least reducing it), said Hasan. He continued, it would be difficult if the employees of a company were many and scattered in various places. If employees gather in one selected housing.

Mortgage Loan Financing

It will be easier for the company to provide their own mobilization that is cleaner, more comfortable and applies the protocol for handling Covid-19 properly. I have discussed it and there is already a request for financing, I’m looking for a developer of choice. To finance this house.

We already have a cooperation agreement (PKS) with SMF. We are currently preparing PKS with SMF developer partners, said Hasan. Hasan said that the financing until July 2020 reached IDR 428.45 billion. The financing consists of Operating Lease of Rp. 9.16 billion, working capital of Rp. 128.04 billion.

As well as investment of Rp. 249.71 billion, and multipurpose of Rp. 41.52 billion. The total distribution of multi-industry financing reached IDR 398.31 trillion by July 2020. This value decreased by 10.59% yoy compared to July 2019, which was valued at IDR 445.48 trillion.

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