Mayora Indah Maturing Bond Worth IDR750Bn

By administrator | February 21, 2019 | Consumer Goods.

A number of bond issuers will be due in 2019. One of them, Mayora Indah, Tbk (MYOR IJ) that come with maturing debts worth IDR750Bn on May 9, 2019. Analyst of RHB Sekuritas, Andrey Wijaya see reduced debt rating could be a positive sentiment for the performance of the MYOR this year. Andrey project MYOR income this year reached IDR26.5Trn with net profit of IDR2.17Trn. “Performance can go up 20% from last year with exports and debt repayment, “said Andrey on Wednesday (20/2).

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While the Head of Research, Narada Aset Manajemen, Kiswoyo Adi Joe, mentions MYOR should pay attention to the correct value of debt that will be maturing. If it is not repaid this year, Kiswoyo recommend publishing new debt and pay off some debts. However, if sufficient cash funds then the debt repaid and MYOR focus on its brand with exports or gave rise to a new product again. More information, in 2012, MYOR issued Bonds IV Mayora Indah Year 2012 worth IDR750Bn with coupon rate 8.50% per year. The letter of that debt will be due on May 9, 2019.

To pay off the bonds, MYOR will use internal cash. “Would be repaid by using its own funds. MYOR cash per end of year 2018 there is still around IDR2.5Trn, “said Yuni Gunawan, Corporate Secretary MYOR.

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