Maintaining Liquidity, BBRI Issue Bonds IDR6Trn

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BBRI Issue Bonds

Illustration: BBRI Issue Bonds

Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (BBRI IJ) plans looking for funding in the capital markets by issuing bonds rupiah denominate up to IDR6Trn in 2H19. In fact, this plan is part of a Shelf Registered Bond (Penawaran Umum Berkelanjutan/ PUB) issuance which totaling IDR20Trn, with the publication of three years. “said Financial Director BBRI Haru Koesmahargyo in Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Jakarta on Wednesday (10/4).

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Furthermore, Haru explain the proceed of bond issuance will be use to realize the target businesses that are already list in the Bank business plan (Rencana Bisnis Bank/ RBB) this year. As well as, BBRI has a number of plans, including sufficient funding so that liquidity remains maintain. This time of year is targeting its BBRI credit channeling BBRI grow 12%-14% from a year ago. While the level of liquidity, which is visible from the ratio of financing against funding, or loan to deposit ratio (LDR), over the past year still awake on the level of 89.3%.

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Related searches for this funding corporate action, BBRI has issue foreign currency bonds, through the publication of the sustainability of the global bond worth USD500Mn, the end of last March. According to IDX disclosure information, BBRI global bonds coupon of 3.95% due in 2024. The debt is record on the Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX). Proceed of bond issuance funds will be use to finance or projects refinancing that qualify (Eligible Projects) for the company.

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