KEB Hana Third Party Fund IDR22.50Trn

By administrator | October 27, 2017 | Finance.
KEB Hana Third Party Fund

Illustration: KEB Hana Third Party Fund

KEB Hana Bank reported its third party fund worth IDR22.50trn in 3Q17, increase almost 20% compare to same period 2016 worth IDR8.79trn. While the current account saving account (CASA) at level 33.7%, of total third party fund in 3Q17. Moreover, company reported its net interest income worth IDR989.94bn, and the profit of the year IDR608.49bn in 3Q17.

According to company’s 3Q17 financial report, KEB Hana Bank’ current account, saving account, and time deposit worth IDR4.62trn, IDR1.05trn, and IDR16.83trn respectively. While during 3Q16, company’s current account worth IDR4.99trn, the current savings IDR993bn, and time deposit IDR12.81trn.

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