Global Mediacom Issue Bonds

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Global Mediacom Issue Bonds
Illustration: Global Mediacom Issue Bonds

Global Mediacom Issue Bonds. A company engage in investing in companies engage in the media and telecommunications business. PT Global Mediacom Tbk (BMTR) issue bonds. And sukuk ijarah worth a total of IDR 1 trillion for refinancing. As well as working capital needs. The parent company of MNC Media conduct a Sustainable Public Offering (PUB) II Global Mediacom Phase I.

Moreover, the target of funds raise is IDR 1 trillion. Said Corporate Secretary and Head of Corporate Finance Global Mediacom Abuzzal Abusaeri. At the company’s public expose in Jakarta, Wednesday (19/8/2020). He said, all funds obtain from the PUB proceeds after deducting emission costs. It will be use for partial repayment (refinancing) of rupiah loans own by the company and working capital.

Furthermore, the company will pay off its bond and sukuk ijarah loan in 2017 phase II. With a loan facility that will mature on September 19, 2020 of IDR 400 billion. Meanwhile, the value of the bond phase I release reach IDR 700 billion. The bonds are offer in three tenors. Namely 370 days, three years and five years.

In addition to, bond coupons are in the range of 9.75-10.75 percent for a 370 day tenor, 10.25-11.25 percent for three years. And 11-12 percent for five years. Bond interest is paid quarterly. According to the bond interest payment date, he said.

Global Mediacom Sukuk Ijarah

Global Mediacom Issue Bonds
Illustration: Global Mediacom Issue Bonds

At the same time. Global Mediacom also release a sustainable sukuk ijarah phase I with a target of raising funds of IDR 300 billion.

As well as, this sukuk ijarah is offer in three tenors, namely 370 days, three years and five years. The ijarah installment benefits are paid quarterly according to the ijarah return installment payment date. In order to issue bonds and sukuk ijarah, the company has obtain a rating for long-term debt securities from PT Pemeringkat Efek Indonesia (Pefindo), namely idA and idAsy.

Moreover, the initial bond offering period is schedule for 19-27 August 2020, the effective date is 31 August 2020, the public offering period 2-4 September 2020, the allotment of 7 September 2020, and listing on the Indonesia Stock Exchange on 10 September 2020.

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