FR0075 Transactions Highest in September

By administrator | October 17, 2017 | Finance.
FR0075 Transactions Highest

Illustration: FR0075 Transactions Highest

FR0075 Transactions Highest in September. According to Indonesia Bond Pricing Agency (IBPA), FR0075 is became the best selling in the government bond market trade during September, with frequency as much as 3,874 times. Both foreign and domestic investor against FR0075 are high, since this series is a new series that was release this year by government. On the other hand, FR0074 is the second highest transaction with frequency as much as 3,041 times.

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The FR0075 government bond series is officially trade in secondary market on August 11, 2017, and will be mature on May 15, 2038. This series is also potentially became 20-years benchmark series. FR0075’s coupon rate at 7.5% seems profitable for long-term investment. We see, the FR0075’s transaction in the future, depend on investor’s interest in the secondary market.

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