Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion

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Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion
Illustration: Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion

Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion. The Indonesia Stock Exchange record an increase in bond and sukuk emissions in the capital market. In the past week so that its total emissions reach IDR 33.7 trillion. In his official statement, Corporate Secretary of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Yulianto Aji Sadono said that in the week there was a listing of bonds.

With a value of IDR 2.1 trillion and sukuk of IDR 346 billion. The recording was conduct by Sarana Multigriya Finance through Sustainable V Bonds. Phase IV Multigriya Financing Phase IV in 2020 and Sustainable Sukuk Mudharabah I Phase II Multigriya Financial Facilities in 2020. Both series receive idAAA and idAAA (sy) ratings.

As well as from the Indonesian Rating Agency (Pefindo) and Phase II Financial Multipurpose Facility. involving Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk (BMRI IJ). Thus, the realization of bond and sukuk issuances so far this year has increase. The total issuance of bonds and sukuk that have been record throughout 2020. As well as 40 emissions from 28 issuers worth IDR 33.7 trillion, he said.

Meanwhile, in terms of outstanding. Total bonds and sukuk emissions reach 429 emissions with a value of IDR 420.9 trillion. And USD 47.5 million from 118 issuers. Meanwhile, for other instruments, namely the asset-backed effect (EBA), the realization reached IDR 8.8 trillion. The Government Securities (SBN) listed on the IDX are 97 series.

Corporate Bond Value

Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion
Illustration: Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion

With a nominal value of IDR 3,131.57 trillion and USD 400 million, he said. Previously, Bank Mandiri Deputy Director Hery Gunardi said that in May 2020, Bank Mandiri’s loan at risk (LaR) was 11.93%, up 85 bps compared to March 2020’s 11.09%. The increase came from the restructuring of debtors affected by the corona virus.

Despite an increase in LaR, Hery assessed that Bank Mandiri’s credit risk as a whole was still under control. Bank Central Asia Tbk (BBCA IJ) President Director Jahja Setiaatmadja said the high credit risk did not make the company withhold credit. It’s just that, currently the demand for credit is indeed sluggish.

A number of sectors that still need additional working capital because their businesses have begun to develop will continue to be disbursed by BBCA. The company is currently selectively extending credit to debtors who need and in accordance with prospects. A total of 30 Corporate Bonds are Ready to Issue.

The Indonesia Stock Exchange said there were 30 companies that were ready to list 36 bond and sukuk instruments on the capital market as of July 16, 2020. IDX Director of Appraisal Company I Gede Nyoman Yetna conveyed that the impact of the pandemic in the middle of this year had not dampened the interest of companies in Indonesia.

Corporate Bond Funding

To seek funding on the capital market. There are currently 30 issuers that will issue 36 bond and sukuk issuances that are in the pipeline on the IDX, Nyoman said. One company on the waiting list is currently issuing more than one bond. The data is temporary data until the end of July 16, 2020 and will continue to grow.

Along with the entry of a new list. Last week, the Indonesian Rating Agency (PEFINDO) estimated the value of corporate debt issuance in 2H20 at a maximum of IDR 100 trillion. This value is an optimistic scenario from the three scenarios set by the debt rating agency. Salyadi Saputra, President Director of Pefindo.

Explained that this year the company issued three scenarios to illustrate the projected issuance of corporate bonds in the second half. For the pessimistic scenario, the issuance of corporate bonds in the July-December 2020 period is estimated to increase by 25% from the total mandated baggage as of June 30, 2020.

Corporate Bond Moderate Scenario

Thus, the total issuance of corporate bonds this year could reach IDR 60 trillion – IDR 70 trillion. In a moderate scenario, the increase in emissions in 2H20 is estimated at 50% of the total mandate or an increase that is almost the same as 1H20, so that total emissions this year are estimated to reach IDR 80 trillion.

Third, we hope to be optimistic in the scenario of up to perhaps IDR 100 trillion this year, said Salyadi. As of June 30, 2020, Pefindo has received a corporate bond issuance mandate worth IDR 74.16 trillion. Viewed from the sector, the mandate is dominated by the banking sector by 13.48%, financing by 11.87%, and toll roads by 10.59%.

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