CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant

By administrator | November 11, 2020 | Consumer Goods.
CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant
Illustration: CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant

CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant. Sariguna Primatirta Tbk (CLEO) is considering plans to build 2 factories with a capacity of approximately 100 million liters per year each. Later, the two new factories will be located in Lampung and Balikpapan. Nio Eko Susilo, Operational Director of PT Sariguna Primatirta Tbk.

He said that the company has prepared detailed plans for the construction of the two new factories. Eko did not mention how many investment estimates were needed. What is clear, if nothing gets in the way, construction of a new factory will begin this year or early next year. All planning has been planned.

In detail it has been completed, later the execution is just to see the developments this year, whether in the second semester of the Covid-19 virus can be overcome, said Eko in a virtual public expose, Thursday (30/7). CLEO is indeed quite passionate about building factories and increasing production capacity.

Since 2004, CLEO has consistently added at least 1 new factory every year. In 2019 alone, for example, CLEO was recorded to have built 2 new factories in Bali Teuku Umar and Kediri. Referring to the company’s annual report, along with the construction of the factory, CLEO also operates the Singosari Malang factory.

Bottled Sparkling Water Factories

CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant
Illustration: CLEO Bottled Sparkling Water New Plant

And acquired the Super O2 oxygenated bottled water factory in Sukabumi and the S-Tube ice cube factory in Pasuruan. Until this year, CLEO has recorded as many as 27 factories in total. This figure includes two new factories in Bali and Kediri that the company built in 2019. Thus, with the presence of 2 more new factories in Lampung and Balikpapan.

CLEO will have 29 factories in total. The decision to build a factory was based on the company’s optimism in seeing the prospect of the bottled drinking water (AMDK) market in the future. Eko said that the company believes that the AMDK market has good prospects in the long term. Will the water supply industry continue to grow?

We are 100% sure that the prospect is still very good, said Eko. During January – June 2020, CLEO’s net sales edged up 0.40% to Rp 493.94 billion. The realization consisted of sales of the bottle segment of Rp 200.58 billion, the non-bottle segment of Rp 276.38 billion, and others of Rp 16.97 billion.

According to the mini growth on the net sales side, the profit for the year attributable to the owner of the parent entity, aka the company’s net profit, also edged up 1.19% on an annual basis or year-on-year (yoy) from the original Rp 63.93 billion in the first semester. 2019 to IDR 64.70 billion.

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