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Burden Sharing worth IDR 82 Trillion

By administrator | August 8, 2020 | Finance.

Burden Sharing worth IDR 82 Trillion. The yield of government bonds on the secondary market moved up a day after the government issued four series to Bank Indonesia with a private placement scheme. Based on Bloomberg data, the yield on Indonesia’s 10-year tenor is at 6.77%. The position is up from 6.76% at the end.


Sarana Multigriya Finansial MTN Coupon 6.5%

By administrator | August 5, 2020 | Finance.

Sarana Multigriya Finansial MTN Coupon 6.5%. The first company in Indonesia to engage in secondary financing specifically for housing. Sarana Multigriya Finansial (SMF) issue medium term notes (MTN). The MTN IX worth IDR 700 billion. These bonds are issue with a coupon rate of 6.5% per year. Base on information from the Indonesian Central Securities.


Bond Issuance Worth IDR 38.05 Trillion

By administrator | August 1, 2020 | Finance.

Bond Issuance Worth IDR 38.05 Trillion. The total value of bond and sukuk issuances as of July 2020 reach IDR 38.05 trillion. The value of such emissions comes from 45 emissions from 32 issuers. The amount includes two bond issuers that have pass the bidding process. But were only record on Monday, August 3, 2020..


Indonesia Corporate Bonds Risk Financing

By administrator | July 31, 2020 | Finance.

Indonesia Corporate Bonds Risk Financing. The international rating agency, Moody’s Investor Service. Estimates the quality of Indonesia’s corporate debt will worsen along with the sharp decline. In the economic pace due to lower consumption power and lower commodity prices. Moody’s Investor Service analyst Stephanie Cheong. Cheong said that the company projects the financial metrics of.


Pandemic Effects in Asset Backed Security

By administrator | July 29, 2020 | Finance.

Pandemic Effects in Asset Backed Security. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is increasingly widespread in the alternative investment industry. After making Ciptadana Asset Management’s Real Estate Investment Fund (DIRE) product to be liquidated. It is now the turn of the asset backed security collective investment contract product from Mandiri Investment Management. That is threaten.


LQ45 Index Portfolio Rebalancing

By administrator | July 27, 2020 | Finance.

LQ45 Index Portfolio Rebalancing. The LQ45 index is a stock market index on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Which consists of 45 companies that meet certain criteria. As well as include in the top 60 companies with the highest market capitalization in the last 12 months. Investment managers are preparing to rebalance their portfolio as members.


Burden Sharing Encourages SUN Auction

By administrator | July 26, 2020 | Finance.

Burden Sharing Encourages SUN Auction. Auction of Government Securities (SUN) which will be held on Tuesday (07/28) tomorrow. Is expect to reap oversubscribe to more than IDR 40 trillion. SUN Auction on tomorrow, with a maximum target of up to IDR 40 trillion, will be too much interest. The reason, domestic and foreign investors will.


SOEs MTN Maturity

By administrator | July 24, 2020 | Finance.

SOEs MTN Maturity. A total of 16 State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and subsidiaries. As well as Regional-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) face maturity of medium-term notes (MTN). Totaling IDR 7.41 trillion by the end of this year. A number of companies are commit to paying off these obligations. By using internal cash and increasing operational performance. Indonesia Rating.


Sukuk Auction Oversubscribed 5 Times

By administrator | July 22, 2020 | Finance.

Sukuk Auction Oversubscribed 5 Times. Domestic investors are still dominant in the state sukuk auction or state sharia securities which took place on Tuesday (07/21). Directorate of Sharia Financing The Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) of the Ministry of Finance (MoF) reports the results of the auction. As well as state sharia.


Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion

By administrator | July 20, 2020 | Finance.

Corporate Bond Issuance IDR 33.7 Trillion. The Indonesia Stock Exchange record an increase in bond and sukuk emissions in the capital market. In the past week so that its total emissions reach IDR 33.7 trillion. In his official statement, Corporate Secretary of the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Yulianto Aji Sadono said that in the week there.

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