Bank BTPN Performance

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Bank BTPN Performance
Illustration: Bank BTPN Performance

As well as Bank BTPN Performance. Bank BTPN Tbk succeed in recording healthy credit growth. And maintaining sound fundamentals at the end of the third quarter of 2020. Amidst global and domestic economic uncertainty due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Bank BTPN disburse loans of Rp. 148.8 trillion at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

An increase of 6% compare to the same period last year (year-on-year / yoy). This figure is also well above the industry average record by Bank Indonesia for the same period, namely 0.12%. Credit growth was mainly support by the corporate segment. Which increase 21% to Rp 89.3 trillion at the end of the third quarter of 2020.

Financing the corporate segment, which is a long-term financing. Including energy security, food security and infrastructure projects, is Bank BTPN’s commitment. To sustainable economic growth in Indonesia. We are grateful that we are still able to post quite good credit growth. Even above industrial growth.

Amidst a challenging economic situation for all of us. This is inseparable from customer trust in our banking services. Said Ongki Wanadjati Dana, President Director of Bank BTPN. Bank BTPN’s credit quality remains healthy. As reflected in the gross NPL at the level of 1.10% at the end of September 2020.


Bank BTPN Performance
Illustration: Bank BTPN Performance

This figure is still relatively low compared to the banking industry’s NPL which at the end of August 2020 was recorded at 3.22%. To meet the needs of credit financing, Bank BTPN has collected funding of Rp 149.9 trillion by the end of September. Or an increase of 3% (yoy). This total funding comes from third party funds amounting to IDR 100.8 trillion.

Loans from other parties amounting to IDR 42.6 trillion. And subordinated loans worth IDR 6.5 trillion. With the realization of lending and funding. The liquidity and funding ratios were at a healthy level. LCR (Liquidity Coverage Ratio) was at 246.45%. While NSFR (Net Stable Funding Ratio) was at 113.13%.

As of the position at the end of September 2020. Bank BTPN also recorded asset growth of 3% (yoy), from Rp 182.2 trillion to Rp 186.9 trillion. With a Capital Adequacy Ratio (CAR) of 24.9%. We believe that with a strong capitalization and global support from SMBC. We will be able to provide better service to millions of customers.

And contribute more significantly to the national economy, said Ongki. Covid-19 has affected the performance of the banking industry this year, including Bank BTPN. The weakening economic conditions and their impact on banking debtors caused the cost of CKPN to increase by 84% to Rp 1.95 trillion.

Bank BTPN Net Interest

Net interest income fell 2% to Rp 7.9 trillion with a decrease in yield in line with the decline in Bank Indonesia’s benchmark interest rate and credit restructuring. Operating costs were well maintained, decreased by 2% (yoy). The increase in CKPN costs and pressure on the Bank’s net interest income.

Caused the Bank’s net profit to fall by 21% to Rp 1.5 trillion during the January-September period this year compared to the same period last year. Regarding portfolios that were directly affected by the pandemic, Bank BTPN has carried out restructuring steps. Until the end of September 2020.

The total loan value approved for credit restructuring was IDR 11.6 trillion or around 7.8% of the total consolidated loan portfolio. With a vision to become the bank of choice in Indonesia that can provide meaningful changes in the lives of millions of people, especially with digital technology.

Bank BTPN has consistently developed Jenius as a platform to serve a wider customer segment while meeting the needs of digital economy players. Total Jenius users increased 37% (yoy) to 2.8 million, while total third party funds grew 136% to nearly IDR 12.2 trillion (yoy). The growth in the number of users.

Bank BTPN Third Party Funds

And Jenius third party funds cannot be separated from the increasing public need for savings products in this pandemic era. In addition, Jenius has also launched several features to respond to the needs of digital savvy customers during the pandemic that were born from Jenius co-creations.

Including Jenius QR, Multi Flexi Saver, Jenius for Business, and BNI TapCash Top Up. In order to help efforts to deal with Covid-19 in Indonesia, the holding company of Bank BTPN, namely Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Group (SMBC Group), donated 10 million yen (equivalent to IDR 1.3 billion) to the Indonesian General Practitioners Association (PDUI).

The financial assistance is then used to support medical response efforts throughout Indonesia. Previously, the SMBC Group had handed over 100 million yen (equivalent to Rp. 13.17 billion) to UNICEF Indonesia to help the United Nations agency expand its Covid-19 pandemic response program which has an impact on the health of the Indonesian people.

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