APLN Landed House for Sale Increase

By administrator | November 11, 2020 | Property Real Estate.
APLN Landed House for Sale Increase
Illustration: APLN Landed House for Sale Increase

APLN Landed House for Sale Increase. Marketing Director of PT Agung Podomoro Land Tbk (APLN) Agung Wirajaya said that during the pandemic. People’s preference for buying landed house properties increase during the pandemic. Agung himself did not say how big the difference was. However, he said. With the brilliance of the sale of the tread house property.

His party is focusing on paying attention to the development of the tread house property in West Java. Why West Java? This is because the largest population is on the island of Java. This area is also the center of the economy. And from here we can create property products according to the economic class of the community.

He explain in the Agung Podomoro Group webinar which took place virtually, Thursday (5/11). The 5 products that are echo as mainstays in the APLN site house sector include, Kota Tenjo Podomoro, Vimala Hills in Bogor, Podomoro Park in Bandung, Kota Kertabumi in Karawang, and Podomoro Golf View in Bogor.

Agung state that these five products match the premium capabilities of the middle to upper class. The similarity is that these five products carry the concept of healthy housing with green open spaces. Kota Podomoro Tenjo has attract more than 1,200 people since its launch last August, while Podomoro Park in Bandung.

Landed House for Sale Contribution

APLN Landed House for Sale Increase
Illustration: APLN Landed House for Sale Increase

And Golf View have been the main contributors to sales marketing in the third quarter, he continue. Two other premium products, namely Vimala Hills in Bandung, offer exclusive residences near three mountains, while Kota Kertabumi Karawang is right in an industrial area which is predict to be the biggest trading city in the future.

This is because the Patimban Port will be built there. Seeing the public’s enthusiasm, Agung is optimistic that in the next 2021 his party can contribute to moving the Indonesian economy 5% according to the government’s target. For information, APLN post pre-sales or marketing sales revenue of IDR 2.4 trillion.

The marketing sales value of Rp2.4 trillion is outside the value add tax, an increase of 76% compare to the same period last year of Rp1.4 trillion. In an open statement obtain by Kontan, APLN’s achievement was support by the sale of industrial land in Karawang, West Java, covering an area of ​​175 hectares in September 2020.

APLN is optimistic that the marketing sales target of IDR 2.7 trillion to IDR 3 trillion can be achieve this year because currently the realization is already 88.89%-80%.

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