AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales

By administrator | September 25, 2020 | Basic Industry.
AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales
Illustration: AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales

AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales. Aneka Gas Industri Tbk (AGII) is looking at an opportunity to strengthen the medical gas business line. Which is increasingly need during the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. Aneka Gas Industri also penetrate the retail sales segment for personal gas products and Medical Ventilator.

President Director of Aneka Gas Industri, Rachmat Harsono, said that his company enter the homecare sector under the Oxypure brand. The product is a personal oxygen gas cylinder that can help individuals with mild Covid-19 symptoms to carry out independent care. According to Rachmat, this product is in demand by customers.

In order to anticipate the availability of space in the hospital which is increasingly fill. Because Covid is the medicine for oxygen, we have start (selling) ventilators and oxygen for homes as well, it has reach end users. People have bought it because they anticipate that the hospital rooms are full, said Rachmat.

He said Oxypure products can be obtain offline through AGII branches and sales, which are currently locate in 26 provinces in Indonesia. Unfortunately, Rachmat did not disclose the investment value and sales target for this home medical gas retail segment. What is clear, he said that this Oxypure product.

Medical Ventilator Exclusive Distributors

AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales
Illustration: AGII Explores Medical Ventilator Sales

Is a collaboration between AGII and companies from Europe and Asia. Not capex, only working capital, we are sale agents and exclusive distributors. For that (sales projections) do not yet exist, continue Rachmat. During this pandemic, AGII did optimize the medical gas line. Not only business calculations.

Rachmat said that the provision of medical gas is indeed very important and need in handling Covid-19. He also hopes that Indonesia will not experience the scarcity of medical gas as experience by a number of countries, such as India. We are always ready (to supply medical gas). Hopefully there is no medical oxygen emergency.

Like in other countries, said Rachmat. Currently, AGII also supplies medical gas to almost 80% of hospitals in Indonesia. Although he did not mention the details, Rachmat revealed that the need for medical gas has increased significantly. Getting up. Still do not know what percentage is definitely quite significant with patient relaxation.

And the referral hospital is sent more frequently than usual, he explained. Meanwhile, from other business lines, such as filling stations, AGII is still waiting and seeing to expand this year. We will continue to resilience and wait and see, there are still many things that can be maximized, added Rachmat.

Medical Ventilator Sales Through Retail Network

For information, currently AGII operates a retail network that includes 44 factories and 104 filling stations operating in 26 provinces. This includes supplying gas for the consumer goods and food and beverage industries. AGII is also issuing Sustainable Bonds II Aneka Gas Industri Phase II Year 2020 with a value of IDR 100 billion.

These bonds are part of the issuance of Sustainable Bonds II Aneka Gas Industri with a total value of Rp 500 billion. AGII also issued Sustainable Sukuk Ijarah II for Industrial Gas Industry Phase II Year 2020 with a principal value of IDR 205 billion. This issuance is part of the Sukuk Ijarah II of Aneka Gas Industri with a value of Rp. 1 trillion.

Based on the announcement of KSEI, Wednesday (16/9), the public offering of these bonds will take place on September 25, 28 and 29, 2020. The allotment will take place on September 30. Meanwhile, the date for electronic distribution of bonds and sukuk is October 2, 2020. According to Rachmat, AGII will use the proceeds.

From the issuance of bonds and sukuk ijarah to refinance debts maturing in early December, amounting to IDR 302 billion.

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